Ultimate guide to easily and quickly win the Clash Royale game

Clash Royale is one of the favorite types of multiplayer video game, most of the Android and iOS smart phone users are willing to often play this game through the internet. When considering the important game play of the clash royale, all the gamers are usually ranked by their current level, number of trophies in the hand and also the arena. There are actually maximum 13 levels included in this game and you can also find over ten arenas excluding the training camp totally in this strategic game.

Winning clash royale game:

All the players of the clash royale multiplayer video game can easily win the battle in order to destroy more numbers of towers than your opponents or by also destroying the king’s tower of the opponents. All these important aspects will surely grant the automatic three crown victory. At the beginning stage of this game, both the players in your team and opponent team are provided a hand of four different cards from the deck of 8 cards selected by the players. The players can make use of ht cards for two types of purposes including,

  • You can just make use of the cards in your clash royale game play account to attack the members in the opponent team.
  • At the same time, the players of this multiplayer battle arena game can also use your effective cards to defend your baby dragons and all other necessary team members.

For the purpose of getting more numbers of cards, everyone should need to earn more amounts of elixir and other types of important resources to your account. Once you have effectively used the elixir in every stage of the clash royale game, you can definitely get the desired success and reach the higher position in your game play.

In every 2.8 seconds of the game play, one elixir is automatically replenished. Then, it will become double elixir within 1.4 seconds. Once the card in your clash royale game play is placed in the particular stage, then the new card from the deck is drawn to your hand. Everyone knows that it is the free to play strategic multiplayer battle arena game so you can definitely get a chance to purchase desired amounts of gems for clash royale, coins, elixir and various other necessary resources existing in the card shops. For these purchases, all the players have to make use of the real world money.

Different resources in clash royale game:

When it comes to the clash royale game, there are different types of resources including gems, gold coins and also elixir to be used in the different levels.

  • The gems earned by the players will be really very helpful to purchase the cards, chests and also gold from the in-game shop. These purchases chests are very helpful to unlock the various gaming features.
  • You can get silver chests and golden chests which will take 3 hours and 8 hours to unlock simultaneously.
  • When it comes to the magical, giant and epic chests, they will take up to 12 hours to unlock. The legendary chests and super magical chests will take 24 hours to complete the unlock process.
  • The chests which you have purchases from the clash royale in-game shop actually contain more numbers of gold and cards.
  • If you are considering the crown chests and free chests, they contain gems for your game play needs.

If the gamers in clash royale game have particular amounts of troop cards, you can easily upgrade all of them to increase the statistic range of them and also improve your game play experience.

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